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Tuition and Aid

We are dedicated to ensuring your Ƶ education is both exceptional and affordable. That’s why more than 95% of our students qualify for a variety of financial aid, scholarships, grants and more. Our aid considers a holistic view of each student, recognizing everything from demonstrated need and financial strength, to academic and athletic accomplishments and outstanding talents.

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A Valuable & Affordable Investment

A Ƶ education is a lifelong, valuable investment that helps you believe in the possibilities. Our high-quality academic programs and close-knit campus community empowers your success, heightens your impact on those around you, and provides an education that gets results.

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Tuition & Pricing

Every moment of your Ƶ experience is special – in and out of the classroom. From where you’ll live and eat to what courses you’ll take, we will help you create an experience that is both the right fit for you and unforgettable.

FAFSA Code 003226. FAFSA: get to know this form. Free application for federal student aid

The FAFSA is the form used by most colleges and universities – including Ƶ - as an application for federal, state, and university student financial aid. This form determines eligibility for state grants, the federal government’s Pell Grant Program and Federal Direct Student Loans.
File online at . Ƶ's FAFSA code is 003266: include this code on your FAFSA to have your information sent directly to us. Your FAFSA can be filed after Oct. 1 of your senior year and is required to be on file before any of your need-based financial aid can be finalized.

Financial Aid

Making education accessible to all who aspire to pursue their degree is at the heart of Ƶ’s Mission. An example of this is the Archbishop Ƶ Scholars Program, which honors university tradition and creates a path of opportunity for students in Erie Public Schools.

Office of Financial Aid

Phone: 814-871-7337
Toll Free: 1-800-426-6668
Email: financialaid@gannon.edu

Office Location:
Courthouse Commons
150 W. Sixth St.