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Patricia Rinderle

Patricia Rinderle

Public Service and Global Affairs

Public service and global affairs major Patricia Rinderle found herself immersed in a semester-long experience at The Washington Center, a pivotal moment that shaped her perspective on work, professionalism and city life. Interning at The Madison Group, a top lobbying firm in the U.S., granted her opportunities to attend White House briefings and congressional hearings, and even contribute research to the congressional record. The exposure to high-profile clients like Google and the International Association of Firefighters proved invaluable, not only expanding her professional portfolio but also fostering personal growth. 

This experience stands out not just for the prestigious work environment but for the profound impact it had on Rinderle’s confidence and networking abilities. PSGA Program Director and history professor Jeff Bloodworth, a mentor who played a significant role in her college journey, encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone.

“I have changed my major many times because I have been scared of not knowing what my future would look like,” Rinderle says. “Somehow though, Dr. Bloodworth stuck through it with me and has never stopped supporting me.”

In navigating the challenges of college life, maintaining motivation during high-stress periods became crucial. Rinderle’s antidote is simple: “My Google calendar and open communication with my professors has changed my life.” She also leans on her program as a support system. “I love PSGA because it is a small, tight-knit major that is really like a family. Because of this, as long as I stay open and regularly talk with my professors, they are more than willing to help me. 

Rinderle’s post-grad aspirations have become more defined, despite not knowing the answer just three months ago. She aims to move to the east coast, preferably Washington, D.C., and envisions a career in politics or public-private partnerships. Drawing on connections from internships in Erie and D.C., Rinderle plans to delve into roles like subcontracting, legislative assistant work or public and government relations. With ambitions to pursue a J.D. degree after gaining practical experience, her internships have already paved the way, establishing connections with government agencies and executives nationwide. 

“My time in PSGA at Ƶ has given me an incredible amount of knowledge and preparation for my roadmap,” she says. “I am well-equipped with professional academic writing samples from my thesis, interview skills from my PSGA-101 class, knowledge of current events and history and even legal studies materials.”